The International Student's Spring Symposium has so far been organised (with great success and impressive participation) by students and student societies originating from all the departments of CITY College, Thessaloniki under the supervision of members of the academic staff acting as a steering and scientific committee. Dr. George Eleftherakis, who first initiated the event, is the General Chairperson, and Dr. Kostas Dimopoulos (Computer Science Department), Ms. Agnes Brunet (Business Department), Dr. Aristea Ladas (Psychology Department) and Dr. Kelly Pasmatzi, (English Studies Department) are the thematic chairpersons of the four major areas of interest covered by the student conference. A number of both official and unofficial student bodies have been behind the organisation of this event over the years, but the main student body is the ACM-W Muses, CITY College Student Chapter and the students of CITY College.

During the symposium, an average of 110 students from many different institutions participate from various different countries (e.g. Greece, Kosovo, F.Y.R.O.Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, UK and USA as well as others) and a great number of high quality presentations given by students take place, along with a number of invited talks, success stories, motivational speeches and a round table discussion.

The significance of the conference is demonstrated by the fact that the Greek Computer Society and the Thessaloniki-based South East European Research Centre (SEERC) have supported it since 2003, along with a number of companies (CITY College, Singular, Cybersoft, Papasotiriou bookstores) who have sponsored the event in the past. Until now the conference also generated excellent feedback from all the participants. In the last few years a post-conference feedback questionnaire was given to the participants. The results demonstrated that all participants unanimously answered (100%) that they wanted to participate in the next conference the following year. Also almost all participants (85%) felt that the conference was very well organized and were impressed by the excellent quality of presentations. It is therefore possible to conclude that the students have established this as an annual event that they look forward to with excitement and anticipation.

On the 25th of May 2002, Dr George Eleftherakis, in his capacity as a member of the Computer Science Department at CITY College started organising a student conference entitled "the International Student Spring Symposium" (S3). From that time on, every spring until the present day, students have actively organised and participated in this student conference on an annual basis. Seventeen successful events have already taken place and the eighteenth is to take place on the 17th of May 2019!