This year we are glad to present to you a new event to take place within the framework of the Students Spring Symposium, the Open Competition. This competition differs from the main event of the Student Spring Symposium in that its main purpose is to engage students coming from different scientific fields in collaboration with each other to create a presentation on a social issue. Every year, a new topic will be announced that will echo a recent social issue in the world. This year, due to the recent influx of refugees in European countries, and Greece's role being at the forefront of this crisis, the topic of the competition will be "The Migration Crisis".

This competition is opened and addressed to all departments and to all universities in Thessaloniki. The core of this competition is its interdisciplinary character and as such all presentations must be delivered by a group of students or graduates from different fields of studies. The aim of the competition is to bring together different disciplines in order to approach our society and its issues from different scientific perspectives and offer solutions.


Presentations should:

  1. Be delivered by a group of 2 and more students or graduates coming from different disciplines.
  2. Introduce their topic and area of focus (for instance: Migration and health, Migration and incorporation, Migration and education, Migration and economy, Migration and politics etc)
  3. Discuss the problem and suggest solutions.
  4. Discuss the contribution of their interdisciplinary approach in the tackling of migration crisis.
  5. Be delivered within an estimated time of 10 minutes after which a 10-minute slot for questions and answers will follow. In total, each presentation should not exceed 20 minutes.

All presentations will be assessed with the following criteria:

  • Interdisciplinarity: How well the team has connected 2-3 disciplines
  • Content : How clearly stated is the issue/problem discussed
  • Content: The effectiveness of the proposed solution and its feasibility
  • Presentation: Overall presentation skills

Additional Information:
The Competition will be judged by a panel of experts. Special Awards will be provided for the best presentations as well as Certificates of participation and attendance. Teams interested in participating should send an abstract of approximately 500-800 words explaining the rationale of their presentation and its topic.
Deadline for abstracts : 12th May.

To register, click on the link below:


For any questions in regards to the Competition, please contact the Competition’s organizing team at: